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  • Why eating organic is ‘really worth it,’ and why it might be the answer to overcoming your chronic health issues and dysfunction
  • The facts vs. the myths about eating organic — it’s NOT just marketing hype
  • The difference between organic and non-organic foods — what you are actually putting in your body when you eat non-organic
  • How eating non-organic foods can increase fat cells, mess with your neurotransmitters (aka your brain messengers that tell your muscles to move or you to be happy), cause hormonal imbalance, and increase your risk of cancer
  • How to afford to go organic when you’re feeding an entire family
  • Simple shifts to get started so it doesn’t feel overwhelming

📣What my clients are saying after they listened to the training…📣


  • Oh my gosh, I’m so grossed out right now!
  • How is this legal?
  • I am shocked that this is real!
  • I never want to eat non-organic food again!
  • I am switching to organic foods today!


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Hi, I’m Kelly – 


Your expert and coach on your health journey. 


I’m Board-Certified in Holistic Nutrition and Integrative Nutritional Oncology. I help individuals dealing with autoimmune, chronic symptoms and disease, and cancer uncover the root cause of their illness, discover ways to overcome it, and recover in the exact way your body needs. 


I’ve helped countless people reach their health goals and find joy in their everyday lives by focusing on what their whole body needs — physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I help the person, not the disease. 


No matter what they’re experiencing, they all have two things in common: a powerful purpose and a desire to feel GOOD again. 


While navigating my own health journey, overcoming SIX autoimmune diseases, adding two years to my mom’s prognosis, and changing the lives of dozens, I’ve learned  A LOT about what our bodies do and do not need to function at their highest level. 


When I first started, I didn’t believe or understand the need for going organic. After I was diagnosed with the Autoimmune diseases, I was a hot mess, had little quality of life, and was completely miserable. It was a challenging and trying time for me and more family.

I was willing to try ANYTHING. 


I began to focus on a whole foods diet — eating fruits, vegetables, meat, nuts & seeds. I cut out gluten, dairy, and grain to try to cut the inflammation as quickly as possible. I slowly started to improve. 


After two years of this lifestyle, my symptoms improved by about 60% (which was amazing,) but I knew something was still not right. 


I was frustrated because I was doing everything right — except organic. I remember telling my husband there was no way organic food made that big of a difference, but I had to rule it out, so I went organic.


And it did. It made ALL the difference. 


I want to show you how it worked for me and my family and how it can help you improve your quality of life without feeling overwhelmed and stressed! 


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