Initially, I was experiencing severe abdominal pain and discomfort that produced no diagnosis from GI specialists. I had never experienced any medical issues before and I wanted to make the changes necessary to regain my health back and remove the crippling pain that I was in.

Jayne Reynolds was extremely comprehensive, making sure to analyze every aspect of my life to give feedback in a holistic manner, rather than focusing on just my symptoms, she focused on me. She established a diet and supplement plan that I was confident I could follow through with, a huge relief from trying to decipher a plan on my own in the sea of diet and supplement options available now-a-days.

As I began to see improvement in my health and confidence, she expanded my options to allow me the opportunity to seek a variety of naturalistic life changes that I could balance as I saw fit.

Jayne Reynolds was incredibly kind through the entire experience and helped me work to find the solutions that produced relief to my symptoms and best fit my lifestyle so that I could have the confidence to maintain my health even after our sessions ended. I highly recommend Jayne Reynolds at Abundant Life.