I knew I needed to make some changes when we first started meeting but I also had a lot of baggage that I wasn’t ready to let go of which held me back for a while.  When I began changing the small things one step at a time I started to see things differently and listen to how my body was feeling. I would avoid looking in mirrors and one day I caught a peripheral glimpse and I asked myself “Why?” And that’s when I decided that if I kept saying “tomorrow I will change how I eat”, it would never come.  

I have had a lot of harsh things happen in my life and I was dealing with a large obstacle when we started so it kept me stuck because the only thing I could control was eating and I was overdoing it.  I removed one toxic element, thought, and memory at a time until I felt acceptance.  Breathing exercises brought on a lot of the relief and freedom from those feelings. 

I’ve overcome the comfort that I got from eating all the wrong things.   I no longer need to take pain killers daily which is absolutely amazing to me and it only took a couple of changes.

I feel alive.  I have more energy than I have ever had.  I run and play with my kids now when before it would have just broken me down.  I have a sense of pride.  I know what I’ve changed is working and it fuels my body the way it should.  Food no longer has a grip on my life. It was what I lived for. Life revolved around it and now mealtimes are just used for nourishment and fuel to do so much more.   

I loved the support. I love being able to turn to someone and confide in someone about struggles that are happening.  You can’t face this type of journey alone because without that foundation it’s just not possible.  I cannot thank you enough for everything. You’re an amazing, wonderful and brilliant person that I am so grateful to have in my life.