You Can

FEEL fabulous

Start feeling fabulous, experience increased energy and focus, restore quality sleep and banish your frustrating symptoms with a simple five-step plan that helps you
take back control of your health and wellbeing.

During this free webinar, we


the myth that says that falling apart at 40 is normal and disease is a natural part of aging.


one big lie you tell yourself about the current state of your health.


how your normal test results could be hiding the reason why you don’t feel like yourself and what you can do about it.


the three stumbling blocks that are sabotaging your health and setting you up for a future full of fatigue and chronic disease. 


the importance of the mind/body/spirit connection and how it impacts your wellbeing.

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the single most important thing you can do for your body. (By the way, it’s not a pill or a diet.)

YES! I Want To Feel Fabulous!

February 23rd, 2022


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About Jayne and Kelly

Jayne Reynolds, BCHN® and Kelly Calkins, BCHN®, help women just like you address the source of their symptoms and teach them to nourish themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally so that they can feel whole and experience the hope, healing, and restoration of an abundant life.

They are the co-creators of the Wellness Transformation Program, a 12-week course that uses scientifically backed, proven, dietary and lifestyle changes to give their clients lasting, sustainable results.

Through their coaching, Jayne and Kelly help women rediscover their most vibrant and resilient selves and get them feeling fabulous again.

Jenn P.

“I was fairly healthy until I hit a certain age about a year ago and my health suddenly tanked. With their help, I made adjustments to what I ate and the supplements that I took. I began feeling more like myself immediately and my health has continued to increase. They are wise and well versed in so many aspects of nutrition. I feel heard when I visit them. I am grateful that when I felt like I had no answers, they were there.

Meeting with them for a few hours is one of the best health investments I have ever made.”

Leslie B.

“Abundant Life was instrumental in my healing, nutritionally, physically, and emotionally. Their thorough assessment, in depth knowledge, and intuition impressed me from the beginning. When they presented my personal protocols, I believed in their judgement but I was nervous that I could really make the changes that I needed to.

They were so encouraging and broke it down into easy steps. I am forever grateful for their guidance and expertise! Now, I’m feeling healthy and have the knowledge to stay that way.”

Dianne D.

“When they first agreed to help me do battle with diabetes nutritionally, I thought they would hand me a diet and be gone. It’s what everyone else had ever done. I KNEW I could do it if I could just get someone to hear me out. They talked to me about the nutrients in certain foods, supplements, and exercise. Their encouragement kept me going until my sugar counts came down.

If others want to get healthier by changing their diet, they are the team I’d refer them to. They have first hand experience and their interactions go far beyond book knowledge.”