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Kelly has been there supporting me and answering any questions, regarding my digestion issues and any other health questions.

I highly recommend her.

As someone who was looking to improve my health and wellness, I knew that I needed personalized guidance and support to get there.  That’s exactly what I received.


This was not my first stop this road, but it has been the only – and I mean the ONLY – program that I have had long-term success with. I worked with 2 other nutritionists but they didn’t understand my auto-immune disease so their canned solutions didn’t work for me. They actually exacerbated my symptoms. 




I need to express how much Kelly’s authenticity about her experience with her health has helped me recognize when I’m not functioning at my best self.

Kelly  helped steer me to low hormones.  I’ve been on progesterone for 2 weeks now and testosterone for 1 week.  I feel more like myself with these hormones.  I wanted to express my gratitude for her video discussion about self care from both Kelly and Jayne.  This has helped me take better care of myself.  This is the first set of holidays where I haven’t become stressed and depressed.


I have more energy and clarity, I am sleeping like a baby, my skin is no longer itchy at night when I crawl into bed, and my hair has stopped thinning and actually looks and feels fuller and healthier.

My skin looks so AMAZING!

Overall I truly did not know I could feel so much better.  I have completely changed my outlook on lifestyle and aging.

If you are on the fence, take it from me, don’t wait….JUMP!  You won’t regret it.  I 100% guarantee it.


Kelly’s combination of education, lifestyle choices, diet changes, supplements and MOST importantly – coaching – have made a 180 change in my symptoms. The opportunity to talk with Kelly and work through potential solutions was a huge part of the process. She has a great “learn to walk before you run” approach.  I have been feeling better and better – building on my recovery. When I had my most recent physical and nearly every number had improved, I couldn’t wait to share that news with Kelly. (My PCP literally said he was so surprised by the level of improvement, he checked to be sure there was no mistake.)



Working with Kelly was a dream come true!

After years of exercising heavily and eating “healthy” foods, my body mass kept increasing and I felt more and more uncomfortable in my own skin. My inability to change the shape of my body and feel good without spending half the day in the bathroom was starting to wear on my emotional health.

That is the precise moment that Kelly was introduced to me and everything began to change. 


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The Support You Need to Reach Your Goals


Simple, delicious, easy, nutritious recipes to keep you on track in reaching your goals.  Enjoy cooking demonstration videos as well.


Get the accountability you need to stay on track and reach your health and wellness goals.  You don’t have to do this alone.

Weekly Group Coaching

Wellness Wednesday offers live group coaching & teaching every Wednesday.  These are recorded as well in case you cannot attend live.


Get the support from a Board Certified practitioner in Holistic Nutrition and  reach your health and wellness goals.  Connect with like-minded people on similar journeys.  You don’t have to do it alone.


Carefully researched and thoughtfully laid out resources like eBooks, guides, handouts and more.

Customizable Meal Planner

1000’s of healthy, nutritious recipes to build your personalized meal plan.  Planner creates printable grocery lists for your convenience.


Recipes, foods, kitchen skills, batch cooking, food prep, mindset, internal dialogue, self-care, and more.

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Check out this overview of our amazing, customizable meal planner included with membership.  It has thousands of delicious, nutritious, yet simple recipes to keep you inspired and on track.

My Story

Hi, I’m Kelly Calkins, a Board Certified practitioner in Holistic Nutrition.

I’m glad you’re here. You’re likely here because you need support and guidance to reach your health and wellness goals. You’re in the right place, even if you have tried things before and they have yet to work.

I get it because I’ve been there. 

I struggled with my own health for over 12 years. In truth, some of my health issues started in childhood. I knew something was off with my body in my early 20s. My energy levels would fluctuate greatly. I would have bouts of brain fog and memory issues, wake up unrefreshed, and slowly gain weight.

In that season, I had debilitating fatigue. I had to opt out of functions with family and friends because I didn’t have the energy to go. Or if I tried to push through, I would be wiped out for the next few days.

My sleep was not restorative or restful. 

I would toss and turn all night long and feel like I was getting my deepest sleep right as it was time to get up. I would get out of bed completely exhausted and brittle, not knowing how to get through the day and everything it held for me to do.

I was slowly gaining weight regardless of how little or clean I ate. Even exercising 5-6 days a week didn’t help. I felt swollen and puffy in my own skin. 

I often ran a low-grade fever at night, even though I wasn’t sick or coming down with anything. I remember my muscles and joints aching so much that I could not get comfortable.

I went to the doctor over a dozen times for this throughout my 20s. 

Each time I was told that everything looked good, my labs looked good, and I was probably just depressed. I knew I wasn’t depressed….I was frustrated because nobody could understand why I was experiencing what I was experiencing.

In my early 30s, I was diagnosed with 6 different autoimmune diseases: celiac, Hashimoto’s, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and plaque psoriasis. 

I felt overwhelmed and exhausted and had very little quality of life. I even had to go on FMLA leave because I was too weak and sore to get out of bed. I vividly remember my husband helping me from the bed to the couch on so many days so I could lie down and try to watch our kids while he was at work.

 I was miserable. 

I knew something was wrong for a decade, but nobody could give me answers. As odd as it sounds, being diagnosed was actually a relief. The hardest thing about invisible illness is that you look fine but aren’t.

I finally knew that I was right, something was wrong, and I wasn’t crazy. 

The next part of my journey is even more frustrating than the first. I went to specialist after specialist, trying to feel better and recover some of my quality of life. I had a countertop full of medications, they kept trying different meds and doses, but nothing worked. I felt awful, and I felt defeated. At one appointment, my endocrinologist said in frustration that this was just the hand I had been dealt and I needed to learn to accept it.

I remember feeling like that was the most unloving thing someone could say. I called him out and said he would never say that to his loved one struggling with everything I was dealing with. Deep inside me, I rejected his statement and knew it was untrue.

With every fiber of my being, I believe, our bodies are intelligently designed, and we are created to thrive and live fully.

I started doing my own research, trying to connect the dots. I spent 17 years as an IT Engineer, so I used my logic-driven analytical mind to devour medical journal after medical journal and study after study.

I experienced firsthand how much conflicting information is out there and how hard it is to figure out how to get better on your own.

So many things worked for other people but never for me. What makes it worse is that there is an entire industry of people looking to make money off people who don’t feel well. I found most of them and spent tens of thousands of dollars desperately trying to get better.

I ended up turning away from Western medicine and turning toward Traditional Chinese Medicine. I shifted my diet to a whole foods diet focusing on meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts, and seeds. I started to learn how to manage my stress and rebalance my lifestyle. I started improving but was not able to get all the way better.

I left my career as an IT Engineer. I went back to school for Holistic Nutrition at the Energetic Health Institute. I obtained my board certification through the NANP. I learned how to do comprehensive testing and get to the cellular level where the dysfunction starts. I was able to rebalance, heal and get my life back. I am no longer struggling with the symptoms that plagued me for many years.

I joined Abundant Hope Nutrition in 2020 as a co-owner. I focus on autoimmune, chronic symptoms/disease, and nutritional oncology. I help people struggling with their health. People experience fatigue, poor sleep, pain, inflammation, digestive issues like IBS, acid reflux, heartburn, cramping and bloating, muscle and joint pain, brain fog, and more. I come alongside those experiencing cancer or trying to heal after treatment. I love working with my clients 1 on 1 in my practice; it’s gratifying. However, I wanted a way to offer hope and healing on a broader platform.

This is why I started this community; it is everything I wish I had in my own healing journey. 

Accurate information, support, inspiration, community, accountability, recipes, coaching, and tools. I remember feeling incredibly frustrated about not knowing what to put into my body and why due to all the conflicting information.

Finding recipes that worked for my goals and were simple with everyday ingredients was also a big struggle. Everything focused on healing was recipes and foods I wouldn’t enjoy eating.

Everything felt restrictive and defeating as I tried to move forward on my health journey.

What seemed to work for other people never worked for me. A community like this would have saved me time, energy, and money. It also would have significantly shortened my timeline of how long it took to recover my health.

 Struggling with your health and wellness is complicated and can feel lonely, but it doesn’t have to.

 In my Uncover Discover Recover Your Health community, you will find the guidance, support, and resources you need to achieve your health and wellness goals.

Are you ready to prioritize your health and start making progress?

Start your membership today, and I’ll see YOU in the community!

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